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AKS-Labs is focused on creating powerful and easy to use solutions for getting valuable information out of files created with popular office tools.

Developed Solutions

We have developed document management and security solutions. Please, visit the products' web-site for more information.

Mind mapping based software

Mind Pad - easy to use mind maps software


Security Solutions

QuickWiper - wipe files and disk to prevents file recovery

Shred Agent is a hardware-level file shredder utility that runs in the background

Find Protected - find password protected files


Text Search Solutions

File Search Assistant - text search and index utility with reporting ability

Disk Search Assistant - text search utility

Index Search Assistant - file index utility

PDF Search Assistant - find text in PDF file

PDF Index Assistant -create an  index of PDF files


File Compare Solutions

Compare Suite - compare Word, Excel, Web-Pages, PDF files

Compare PDF - compare Adobe Acrobat PDF files


PDF Management Tools

Advanced PDF Manager - compare, search, index, convert Adobe Acrobat PDF

PDF2TXT - PDF to plain text conversion utility 


Outlook® Tools

Outlook Task - digest your tasks in Outlook® Task folder

Common AKS benefits

Collaboration is easy with AKS tools, as developed products include wide range of reporting means, which enable sharing of critical information with co-workers.

AKS products are used widely. Home based professionals as well as representatives of departments of large companies found our products easy to install, configure and use. It doesn't require much time to integrate our products into your workspace.

Job at AKS-Labs?

If you are interested in position at AKS-Labs, please, visit AKS-Jobs web-site (in Russian and English). There are listed positions that are available now.

AKS web-site

AKS is interested in providing our users with cutting edge information. We highlight publications and researches of well-known IT professionals. Our specialists always looking for writing about new solutions, including different applications of our software, job or industry related usage specificity. That’s why information represented on our web site is beneficial for our users and site's visitors.

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