Preparing webinar video online

June 9th, 2014

Recently I did a webinar where I was explaining my students all the details about business indicators, how to get them and how to manage them. The next step that I had in mind was to use the recording of the webinar, clear it up a little bit and upload to the YouTube or similar video sharing service.

I’d like to mention the name of the webinar platform that I used, but the point is that the webinar was in some format (a kind of flash packed in .exe file) and video sharing services like YouTube were not accepting it.

Some years ago I used video converter software by Movavi. The task of converting .exe packed video into some uploadable format seemed impossible for me, so I did a simple trick that I’d like to share here.

I’ve used Movavi’s screen recorder software and simply start recording. Then I started the .exe file and left my computer for an hour. In some time I had a copy of my recording in some video format. But the resulted recording still needed some modifications. Fortunately, there was a video editing software in Movavi’s pack. It was right what I needed to cut some unnecessary mouse moves from the beginning and from the end.

Designing business processes visually

January 5th, 2014

Todays’ reality is that business processes are getting more and more complicated. We need to respond adequately to new business challenges. An entrepreneur might know how to solve all possible business problems on his own, but the business is not about one entrepreneur that is doing everything, the business is about systems, sustainability, repeatability and delivering a final result. The solution is to map main business processes and today you don’t need to go ahead with just pen and paper, companies like Comindware provide solutions for business process management such as Comindware Tracker.

This product, as well as other BPM software tools, addresses the need of companies for business process management. The difference is that this product is really flexible and adaptable to any business process of any company. The business processes can be easily mapped in a visual manner and there are no specific rules about how you do this. You can start right away and build all the processes you have or you can start with just sketches and then add missing points as far as you go with specific business processes.

The software gives you both – a top level view from the viewpoint of a business process and a lower level view from the level of specific tasks. In this way it addresses both process management and task management needs. It can be used to describe the process of sales leads processing or managing new hires from initial interview to a closed position. The software already includes some pre-defined steps, but developers understand that each business is unique and provide a lot of opportunities to customize specific workflow to the requirements of the team. Every business thinks that it is unique, but actually all of them deal with many repeatable problems. Instead of reinventing the wheel and designing their own business processes, a business manager can use some pre-defined templates and just add what is missing.

We all know how often there is another wordy marketing message, but behind it there is no actual product that can help the business. With Comindware Tracker you can use the product for the trial period to give it a try. You will see its features and if you have a problem with something you can use the video manuals that will guide you through the processes.

I know how hard it is to explain to top managers and business owners why you need some tool that it is directly used in the business. This happens as well with business process management tools. You might tell a great story about how good it is to see the whole process, the big picture of what’s going on in the company and how exactly this works, but top managers have heard this many times and need something tangible to make a decision. In this case ROI calculator for Comindware Tracker helps. You ask a few simple questions about your businesses and they calculate your monthly savings if you use the product. It’s hard to argue against these numbers, and all the presentations of the product will look much more persuasive then.

Give it is a try and see how Comindware Tracker can help you with your business processes management initiatives.

The Need to Manage Security Performance during Recession Times

February 9th, 2009

The duty to manage security performance during recession times is imposed on managers and supervisors. This duty has the greatest importance during recession periods to maintain good performance.

Recession period is a difficult time for everyone, both for common people and for companies. In the latter case, a lot more people are affected by reason of threats to the employment of the people working for the company and by reason of a possible loss on the part of the ones managing it. This may also be a time when security may be at a low by reason of a low morale. Thus, there is a greater need to manage security performance during recession times in order to help the company cope.

But how exactly do the people who are in charge of the company manage the security department in the midst of a recession period? It is known that during a period of recession, funds are at an all-time low and it may be difficult to raise funds from other resources in order to maintain the management of the security department. This question, fortunately, has a very practical and simple answer.

There is no need to raise more funds for the management of the security department. In fact, funds have are virtually no use in the management. This is because of the existence of avenues of communication between those who are heading the company and those managing the various departments that make up the company, including the security department.

This avenue of communication has, as a feature, the function of requiring the managers of the security department to maintain constant communication with the company management in order to let the latter know the condition of company security at all times. Since there is a period of recession, there will be a need to enhance security. This enhancement may be demanded by the company management from the security department. Compliance will then be a duty on their part.

The problem will lie on the management counterparts of both sides. They must effectively perform their management duties at all times, especially during times of hardship and economic crisis. There is more reason to perform their duties in the latter case because the very survival of the company is at stake, with the same effect to the economic well being of its members. The management must always communicate with the security department, and with all other departments for that matter, while the security department must always report to the management for its updating. If the security department is experiencing any problems, they must report the same to the management. In the same way, the management must come up with new ideas to help the department function better. If the management has recommendations, it must be considered by the department. If the management has new policies, the department must comply with them for the good of the company.

The need to manage security performance during recession times cannot be discounted. It is of equal, if not more, importance that the company management must consider. They must not only dwell with the recovery of the company from financial and resource shortage, they must also consider the fact that the company will only stay afloat if all its departments are monitored and properly managed.

Prevent keyloggers with TaskManager software

January 26th, 2009

TaskManager security suite from AnVir Software company is a powerful security suite for Windows, which helps to solve, probably the most difficult security problem associated with detection of intruder application.

Imagine, if someone installed a key logger on your computer, are there any chances that you will be able to find an detect this key logger? Your antivirus software might work, but statistics shows that most key loggers are not detected by antivirus software.

The TaskManager which analyze the state of the start up list is an expensive and powerful solution for this problem.

While Standard version will allow to manage applications, the PRO version provides an opportunity to manage processes and threads, programs which runs as a service, in other words to catch the most dangerous key logger programs.

The Need to Use Security Metrics across Industries

January 20th, 2009

Security threats and privacy breaches are rampant across the web. This is why businesses have to take on the implementation of security metrics.

The importance of security in any company is something that just cannot be overemphasized. This is precisely why companies are never missing out on their own security program, and they are very much willing to shell out as much as needed, in terms of budget, time, and effort. But with this security system or program implemented, many companies continue to neglect one aspect – which should actually regarded as more important by any company – and this pertains to security metrics. These are quantifiable figures that the company uses to gauge whether or not their security system is still reliable and up to par.

The most important thing to remember about metrics is that they should be quantifiable or measurable in nature. How else can the factors be measured if these are not quantifiable in the first place? This would defeat the whole purpose of setting up such a program. Thus, when drafting these metrics pertaining to the security system of a company, the business owners themselves should look for variables that are measurable.

If you have not really seen or grasped just how important the implementation of metrics is, then do not fret. You are actually just one of the many businessmen, even business owners, who do not really see just how vital these seemingly minute figures are. Some businessmen even forego the process of creating a metric system for its security program simply because creating one just consumes too much time. They only realize the importance of such implementation when some random hacker has managed to infiltrate its security program. This is the only time that they realize there was something wrong in their security program. Some loophole that some hacker managed to find and this paved the way towards security breach. And if only the people took the time to set up metrics to measure the efficiency of the security system, this loophole might have been discovered in time. The problem in itself might have not surfaced.

There are many things that can be done to improve a company’s performance when it comes to its security system. There are even government laws that promote the safeguarding of operations amongst businesses in both private and public sectors. Still, these laws do not give specifics on how these metrics should be developed, so businesses are left to do that on their own.

The metrics to be outlined here should be aligned with the continuity of operations, the strengthening of the company’s identity, the enhancing of situation response and awareness, as well as the proper handling of security configuration. It is also important to determine the areas that need updates, as well as the ones that will have to be changed so that there would be significant reductions in terms of risks and failures in the security system.

If you are really at a loss as to what security metrics to implement for your company, then you could join business forums and the like. On such forums, businessmen across industries would be sharing ideas and such about the metrics that they have implemented, as well those that worked and did not work for them. Do not make the raunchy move of just copying all of their metrics though. What works for them may not necessarily work for you.

Relevance of Security Encryption Software in Business Communication

January 13th, 2009

In the last couple of decades, the way we do business has seen a drastic shift towards the use of technology in every function. Quite expectedly business communication is one such function that has seen the maximum usage of technology; from emails becoming the de-facto mode of communication to electronic data interchange between partners becoming a norm. However this use of technology has lead to increased threats and almost regular attacks on sensitive information. While unsecured emails can lead to improper use of corporate information; information leak and data theft can be a result of unprotected files. In order to avert such information risks organization can look to use encryption software for safeguarding emails that are sent and received within the organisation and hard drive encryption for protection of sensitive data.

File encryption software is a reliable solution for protecting all sensitive business related data from being misused. Users can not only use secure and dependable data encryption methods to guard their sensitive files but can also use them to protect the emails and passwords stored in their computer systems. Choosing a specific file encryption software for your organisation is not a trivial task and instead of simply going in for a cheap solution, use of cost effective yet powerful file encryption software’s and other encryption methods is advised. If cryptographic techniques are used to encrypt data on an encrypted hard disk then such data can only be decrypted by an authorised user. Along with file encryption, volume level, email and password key encryption is also popular among business professionals to safeguard their data.

In any organization, files needs to be transferred from one computer to another on a regular basis and greater the frequency of such file transfers, greater is the risk of such files getting stored or copied to other systems or being used by people to take undue benefit. If a file encryption software is used to encrypt such files, no matter how many copies of a file are made, access to this file is limited only to the user who initially encrypted the file and the person authorized to access it. By implementing a centralized data security solution, organisations can ensure that the data its clients shared with it is secure and it can also fulfils certification norms of various accreditation agencies that further adds credibility to the organisation.

Basic Security and Privacy Measure Approaches

December 29th, 2008

As long as you are connected to the Internet, there will always be threats of security breach. It pays to know even the basic of security and privacy measure approaches.

No business in today’s corporate world is without an official website. This is because more and more people are realizing the vital role the Internet plays towards the overall success of companies all over the circuit. An official website can garner more traffic towards your company, thereby making it much easier for your company to convert mere visitors to regular customers. However, this does not mean that the Internet does not have its share of risks, particularly when it comes to security and privacy. This is precisely why it is important for companies to take on security and privacy measure approaches, to ensure that everything is up to par day in and day out.

Whether accidental or intentional, there will always be that possibility of security breach. Even if you are only using your computer for personal purposes and not for business purposes, you are still entitled to your right to privacy. Sadly, there are thousands of hackers just waiting for you to make that one wrong move, allowing them to hack right into your system and have their way with whatever they desire to do. Thus, you need to set up a security system that is as solid as it should be. Here are three simple approaches that you can consider.

A firewall is one of the most basic security measures that you can easily set up onto your system. Back in the days, firewall applications were just offered as optional features. Today, however, the firewall has become quite the standard feature because it really is quite difficult for hackers to infiltrate this security measure. Hackers would need to get their hands on sophisticated hacking equipment just to get through that firewall you have just set up. Best of all, you do not really need to do anything except install the software. After all, the system simply optimizes and configures itself as needed. Thus, you do not really have to be the computer techie and figure out how the firewall application works just to get it going. Just install it and you are one step closer to setting up the ideal security system.

The second application that you should install onto your system is antispyware software. Spyware can be found just about everywhere, and if one succeeds in installing this threat onto your PC, then your private life will be at the mercy of hackers’ hands. This is because spyware allows hackers to monitor everything you do on your computer. Spyware even allows hackers to learn the passwords you store onto your computer when accessing your various accounts.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure to have an antivirus application installed on your PC. If you do not want to see your computer crashing and you end up losing all that valuable data stored, then you should take the time to invest on this particular application. Go with the reputable brands for this. This way, you are sure to have an antivirus application that is constantly and aptly updated.

These are just some of the basic security and privacy measure approaches you should consider. Whether you are using your personal or professional purposes, you should still do all that you can do to protect your system from those dangerous hackers looming in every corner of the information superhighway.

The Logic behind Measuring IT Security ROI

December 11th, 2008

There is a need for businesses to measure IT security ROI, whether they like it or not. This is a worthy investment enterprises should consider taking on.

Seldom would you find a business that does not have an existing IT department in the corporate world nowadays. This is because more and more companies recognize the importance of having a computer network built for all users to connect to, to foster fast and timely transmission of data all throughout any workday. However, how sure is your IT team about the security of all the files stored within the network? With so many hackers just waiting for businesses to make one wrong move for them to infiltrate your system, security breach is indeed a threat that all IT departments have to face and contend with. Thus, there is a need to determine IT security ROI so that whatever investments the IT department makes would indeed be worthwhile ones in the end.

The former IT security advised of the White House, the Oval Office itself, Richard Clarke, once said that if a company spends more on the coffee that it provides its employees, then that company will certainly be hacked. More importantly, that company deserves to be hacked because it did not foster any initiative on its part to invest in proper and apt IT security measures. This goes without saying how IT security should indeed be prioritized by businesses all over the world. In fact, IT security should be considered more important than several aspects of any business, which include the integration of enterprise application, the installation of Customer Relationship Management software, or the increasing of network capacity. In spite of this pressing need, there are still many managers across the corporate world that are a bit hesitant about making investments in IT security because high costs are deemed.

What makes matters all the more complicated is the fact that the computation of ROI in IT security is not as easy as it may seem. It is not just about the determination of metrics to use here. This is because the benefits that come from a very secure IT network are seldom quantifiable. How then can you use metrics to your benefit here?

The simplest approach in determining ROI in IT security starts with the identification of the costs and benefits of the investments made. Make two columns for both pros and cons and be sure to assign values so as to make assessment of both aspects easier. Make sure to do ranking when the numerical weights of the figures are compared. Some of the benefits that deserve mention include risk reduction, increased productivity, company credibility, savings in employee salaries, and prevention of security breach. Costs could include expenses in terms of software implementation, internal change management, and productivity loss during the implementation stage of the software, especially during the initial stage. This is because more people still need time to get used to the implementation of the software itself.

Aside from the cons or costs entailed, there is also the need for management so support new IT security policies. Internal users – the employees themselves – should observe these policies very strictly. For all of these, it is sometimes recommended to hire third party services to determine IT security ROI. Such a move is deemed feasible because this helps determine how IT security should be integrated into an existing system.

The Logic behind Knowing How to Improve Security Performance

November 21st, 2008

Why is there a need to know how to improve security performance? Simply because hackers have their own way of improving their methods of infiltration and security breach as well.

Hackers and infiltrators will not stop at anything just to breach the security systems of multibillion dollar companies in the corporate world. With the rapid development of just about any software applications they need just to infiltrate a certain company, it then becomes a necessity for companies themselves to find consistent ways and means to improve security performance. This way, the companies themselves are able to thwart whatever threats that these hackers and infiltrators may present in the long run.

Just how important is security performance? It is so important that there are even various laws that require the evaluation of IT security systems. These laws include the Government Performance and Results Act, the Government Paperwork Elimination Act, the Clinger-Cohen Act, and the Federal Information Security Management Act.

The evaluation of security performance will actually help information security management greatly in the process of identifying security measures – more importantly, if these measures are indeed capable of meeting standards, and if they are still as functional as they should be. Thus, the level of security of a company has to be assessed to determine how this can be improved. The security metrics should then be created or designed to promote the continuity of the enterprise itself, for awareness, for incident response, and for identity security configuration management.

By determining which aspects need modifications and which one is in need of updates, you then reduce the risks of an enterprise’s security measures breaking apart. You also need to test awareness here so that you can forge the success of the whole plan. Make sure that the regulations and policies are created and designed very carefully. They should also be carried out in absolute consistency and accuracy by the employees themselves. This is a very important part of the whole plan. Human error, after all, can bring all efforts in vain in the end.

For the most part, financial markets and shareholders are primarily concerned about the security of a business or enterprise because they themselves would be doing business with the company itself. And what person would want to do business and risk certain things for a company that cannot even monitor its own security performance? To keep the patronage of your clientele, you should really take the time and the effort to invest in the prevention of your security system from breaking down at the seams.

One very simple yet effective way of improving security performance is by joining business forums that focus on security metrics. These forums offer you great avenues to contact experts who know everything there is to know about operation management. These experts would not hesitate to post their ideas and such on how these security metrics should be implemented. The great thing about this is that the experts themselves show the implementation of the metrics in the different possible organizational setup types.

What is even better is that these experts also share ideas on how you yourself can improve security performance of your business. Ideas and links to websites that contain relevant information are offered as well. By keeping all these ideas and tips in mind, you will surely find effective methods of improving the security performance of your enterprise in no time.

Why Companies should Take Time to Check Security Performance

November 11th, 2008

There are so many security threats all over the Internet today, and no business is safe from these. This is why there is a need to check security performance regularly.

There are so many security threats looming over the backs and shoulders of online businesses today. No matter what industry you belong to, as long as you use the Internet for your transactions, there will certainly be hackers and infiltrators just waiting for you to make one wrong move. That slight error could very well mean the make or break of your business. This is precisely why there is an imminent need to check security performance regularly, especially in the corporate setting. And to do this effectively, nothing less than security metrics should be used.

Just what are security metrics, and how are they related to the monitoring of security performance? To put it bluntly, security metrics are the quantifiable figures that determine whether or not the very security system you are using for your business is still efficient or up to par. There really is no point in continuing the use of a security program, or just about any facet that consists of the security program, if it is no longer efficient. With the proper metrics implemented, this can then be aptly determined as well.

Sadly, there are so many CEOs and business managers who do not really understand the importance of implementing these metrics. Well, it is not really that they do not understand the need; rather, they feel it is not really a worthy investment to make. This is because, after all, there is already an existing security system that has been primarily designed and intended to keep hackers from infiltrating the system. So, there really is no need to formulate yet another system to evaluate the very security system that was designed in the first place. Right? How we wish we could say with confidence.

One very important thing you should keep in mind about hackers is that you should never underestimate them. Their abilities and resourcefulness can be very extensive, so as long as there is a need to be that extensive. If, by chance, your business becomes the object of affection of a certain hacker, then that hacker will definitely be all over your security system. He will be looking for all the minor and major flaws that can be found in your system, just so he can make that successful breach. And once it is deemed that there is indeed a flaw or loophole, then it’s bye-bye to security for your business. This could have been easily avoided, had you just implemented security metrics to check on the current performance of your security system. If only you were not that stubborn in the first place.

So, how then should you create security metrics? You should start by examining your existing security system itself. No one knows it better than the people who developed it themselves. Check for security goals, if these are still being achieved by your security system. Any facet that is not aligned with security goals is a possible loophole already, so this should be dealt with accordingly.

Do not wait until your system has been breached before you contemplate on the need to check security performance. This is the for the business’s own good, after all. This definitely is a worthwhile investment in itself.