Asians more diligent about password management

According to the annual RSA Security Password Management Survey, 39 percent of business users in the Asia-Pacific region are required to change their passwords monthly, compared to 34 percent in Europe and 23 percent in the United States.

Over 1,340 respondents participated in the survey conducted last month, which for the first time polled respondents outside the United States. Participants from the United States and Canada made up about half of the respondents, while Europeans and Asians each accounted for 21 percent of the total surveyed.

John Worrall, the security vendor’s senior vice president of marketing, noted in the statement that “business passwords remain one of the weakest links in the security chain”, due partly to the number of passwords that end users are required to manage.

Respondents from Asia reported the highest levels of awareness of breaches relating to the use of passwords–35 percent said they know of a corporate security breach that occurred as a result of a compromised password. About 33 percent of participants in Europe, and 14 percent in the United States, gave the same response.

The high number of passwords that users globally have to manage is apparently a source of annoyance. Some 12 percent of respondents from the Asia-Pacific region and 15 percent of users in the United States, indicated that they were extremely frustrated over having to manage too many passwords at work.

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