Building up security after an M&A

In a recent article published on, Ed Skoudis pointed out some useful tips for adapting security strategy of organizations going through a merger or acquisition.

Organizations involved in an M&A should consider the following security measures:

- Adapting IT security policies of both organizations involved in M&A
- Analyzing existing network architecture
- Eliminating LAN architecture differences (for instance, strengthening security of existing WiFi architecture)
- Creating security policy for laptops and portable devices
- Updating current security software solutions
- Implementing employee training on data security
- Monitoring user behavior (ongoing FTP or HTTP transfer scans, etc.)

So, in the end, to avoid information security threats during a merger, companies should have two main goals:
- A long-term alignment of policies, procedures and technology
- An augmented policy supported by a series of quick-hit technical defenses.

Successful execution of this two-pronged strategy can help merging companies significantly lower their risk exposure.

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