Call for identity theft crackdown

UK Government has been urged to crack down on “identity theft” and raise public awareness of a growing form of fraud. The call came as Euro-MPs launched moves for cross-border co-ordination of efforts to prevent criminals stealing individual identities as a cover for their crimes.

According to a recent official report examining the measures in place to combat identity fraud throughout the EU, “European governments are not doing enough to fight rising levels of identity theft”. Chief among the criticisms highlighted is a need to enhance coordination between police forces, internally, within different EU states, and between member states and those outside the EU.

“Tackling identity offences is currently hampered by a lack of official data about the scale of the problem”. Although all European countries have acted to respond to identify offences, public awareness should be stepped up and European cooperation improved to tackle the problem.

In UK alone, more than one in four people are affected by identity theft. With the number of identity theft victims rising every year it is clear that more needs to be done to raise people’s awareness of this issue.

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