Can you catch identity theft? described the ways to catch identity theft. If you’ve noticed anything of the following, it’s possible you’ve become a victim of identity theft:

* You get a phone call or letter telling you that you have been approved or denied credit for accounts that you never requested.
* You no longer receive your credit card statements, or you notice that some of your mail seems to be missing.
* Your credit card statement includes charges for things you know you never bought.
* A collection agency tells you they are collecting for an account you never opened.

However, if nothing is obviously wrong, you can be sure you’ve not become a victim by checking your credit card report. When anyone applies for credit in your name, it will show up in your credit report. You just need to figure out where to get your credit report and how often to get it.

“One of the best ways to catch identity theft is to regularly check your credit record”. According to the Federal Trade Commision, the average victim of identity theft is unaware of the problem for 12 months.

Now that free credit reports are now available for every region of the U.S., you can check your credit card report more easily.

Besides, you should take some simple precautions to prevent the incidents of identity theft: secure your passwords, wipe (rather than delete) critical documents you’re not going to make use of, and make sure all of your financial information stored on your PC is secured.

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