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Preparing webinar video online

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Recently I did a webinar where I was explaining my students all the details about business indicators, how to get them and how to manage them. The next step that I had in mind was to use the recording of the webinar, clear it up a little bit and upload to the YouTube or similar video sharing service.

I’d like to mention the name of the webinar platform that I used, but the point is that the webinar was in some format (a kind of flash packed in .exe file) and video sharing services like YouTube were not accepting it.

Some years ago I used video converter software by Movavi. The task of converting .exe packed video into some uploadable format seemed impossible for me, so I did a simple trick that I’d like to share here.

I’ve used Movavi’s screen recorder software and simply start recording. Then I started the .exe file and left my computer for an hour. In some time I had a copy of my recording in some video format. But the resulted recording still needed some modifications. Fortunately, there was a video editing software in Movavi’s pack. It was right what I needed to cut some unnecessary mouse moves from the beginning and from the end.

Designing business processes visually

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Todays’ reality is that business processes are getting more and more complicated. We need to respond adequately to new business challenges. An entrepreneur might know how to solve all possible business problems on his own, but the business is not about one entrepreneur that is doing everything, the business is about systems, sustainability, repeatability and delivering a final result. The solution is to map main business processes and today you don’t need to go ahead with just pen and paper, companies like Comindware provide solutions for business process management such as Comindware Tracker.

This product, as well as other BPM software tools, addresses the need of companies for business process management. The difference is that this product is really flexible and adaptable to any business process of any company. The business processes can be easily mapped in a visual manner and there are no specific rules about how you do this. You can start right away and build all the processes you have or you can start with just sketches and then add missing points as far as you go with specific business processes.

The software gives you both – a top level view from the viewpoint of a business process and a lower level view from the level of specific tasks. In this way it addresses both process management and task management needs. It can be used to describe the process of sales leads processing or managing new hires from initial interview to a closed position. The software already includes some pre-defined steps, but developers understand that each business is unique and provide a lot of opportunities to customize specific workflow to the requirements of the team. Every business thinks that it is unique, but actually all of them deal with many repeatable problems. Instead of reinventing the wheel and designing their own business processes, a business manager can use some pre-defined templates and just add what is missing.

We all know how often there is another wordy marketing message, but behind it there is no actual product that can help the business. With Comindware Tracker you can use the product for the trial period to give it a try. You will see its features and if you have a problem with something you can use the video manuals that will guide you through the processes.

I know how hard it is to explain to top managers and business owners why you need some tool that it is directly used in the business. This happens as well with business process management tools. You might tell a great story about how good it is to see the whole process, the big picture of what’s going on in the company and how exactly this works, but top managers have heard this many times and need something tangible to make a decision. In this case ROI calculator for Comindware Tracker helps. You ask a few simple questions about your businesses and they calculate your monthly savings if you use the product. It’s hard to argue against these numbers, and all the presentations of the product will look much more persuasive then.

Give it is a try and see how Comindware Tracker can help you with your business processes management initiatives.