Danger Lurks for Stored Data

Safeguarding stored data has always been challenging, but in a world where information is digital more than ever, and where compliance directives are increasingly more demanding, an effective data storage security strategy is a key aspect of doing business today.

According to the article posted on newsfactor.com recently, “the security threats that network communications are exposed to are becoming increasingly insidious and invasive, with the data protection space an increasingly inviting and at-risk target.”

These are the most important measures for any type of information security infrastructure:

* Protect the privacy of the information while it is in transit

* Protect the privacy of the information while it is stored

* Ensure that the information has not been altered during transport

* Ensure that the information has not been tampered with by unauthorized users

* Ensure that all activities are recorded for potential audit or misuse tracking

* Ensure that a specific type of information will be retained for the right amount of time depending on applicable company policy or regulations

* Ensure that the information will be removed from the backup media as the regulation requires

Compliance and security are now inextricably linked. When companies look to ensure that they will comply with a specific regulation, they must look beyond data retention to a highly secure environment. Efficiently storing data for a long time, and enabling quick and easily retrieval is a good and necessary start, but only the beginning.

“A strategy for ensuring that the privacy of the information is well protected, that it has not been tampered with or was not altered while sent to the storage media, is just as important.”

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