Don’t allow ID theft to ruin your holidays

Here are a few simple reminders to help prevent crooks and identity thieves from stealing your holiday spirit:

- Don’t carry your Social Security card with you: Identity thieves can use it to set up new accounts at different addresses without your approval, or your knowledge.

- Take care to remove your bank deposit slips from your purse or wallet as soon as you return home – they often contain important personal information that needs to be closely guarded.

- Carry only one (or at the most two) credit cards with you when you’re out shopping.

- Write the words “see picture ID” on all of your credit cards. While many clerks are trained to check photo identification, it doesn’t hurt to remind them.

- Guard against “shoulder surfers” – thieves hovering around you at the ATM or check-out scanner.

- Carefully shred your bank and credit card statements.

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We also recommend you to safeguard all sensitive information stored on your PC or PDA. Sensitive data stored on your computer should be protected with specific software tools and kept in a “safe place” on your hard drive or removable devices.

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