E-Discovery Firms Search Data for Evidence

There is an article by Brian Bergstein at latimes.com, called “E-Discovery Firms Search Data for Evidence”.

Even just a few years ago, lawyers in corporate lawsuits sometimes agreed not to poke around in their opponents’ e-mails. Instead they’d confine themselves to paper memos and other documents on file as they pursued evidence.

Now, however, with so much work done via e-mail, instant messaging and other online platforms, “nothing’s in the file cabinets anymore,” said Michele Lange, staff attorney for legal technologies at Kroll Ontrack Inc.

Previously, electronic discovery was commonly performed by local computer experts “who played golf with law firm procurement officers”.

Now however, “the abundance of inexpensive data storage, high-profile lawsuits and laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that demand thorough corporate archiving — are making electronic discovery a lucrative and competitive slice of information technology.”

“Increasingly, e-discovery customers are not just law firms enmeshed in big corporate cases. More and more, companies are working proactively with e-discovery vendors, getting a handle on their data troves so they can meet regulatory requirements — or just in case they are sued”.

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