Electronic discovery is replacing the paper kind

Dale Gribble’s blog has some interesting ideas on electronic evidence: “the inexpensive abundance of data storage, high-profile lawsuits and strict new laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley that demand thorough corporate archiving – are making electronic discovery a lucrative and competitive slice of information technology”. According to Michael Clark (EDDix LLC.), the overall market is worth close to $2 billion and growing at about 35 percent a year. The number of companies offering computer-related evidence gathering appears to have doubled in the past two or three years.

This surge has led Kroll Ontrack to quadruple the size of its data-crunching center in less than 18 months, from a half-petabyte of storage to two petabytes. That’s 2 million gigabytes. Consider that the Internet Archive, which aims to store almost every public Web page ever to appear, currently totals one petabyte.
Rival e-discovery vendor Fios Inc. had 48 employees three years ago. This year, the Portland, Ore.-based company expects to employ more than 120, with revenue of $30 million – nearly double its 2004 figure.

After all, 90 percent of U.S. corporations are engaged in some type of litigation, according to research by the law firm Fulbright & Jaworski LLP. The average company bigger than $1 billion is wrestling with 147 lawsuits.

“The big risk for companies is too much data that there’s really no business need for, being kept in ways that if they had to go looking for it, would be uneconomic,” said e-discovery pioneer John Jessen, who founded Electronic Evidence Discovery Inc. in 1987.

Dale Gribble’s blog also describes the most notable cases involving electronic discovery and “how the data mining companies work”.

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