Employee attitude to password policy

Security Blog has a witty description on the common attitude to password management called “The Zen of Password Management”.

The first reaction of an employee when a new password policy is enforced in an organization is “denial”. However, it is quickly replaced by anger. In fact, most people think: “I can’t believe that the security of the entire company depends on me changing my password at this time. It’s just a silly policy that IT uses to exercise digital control over the rest of the world”.

An employee fears that she might forget the new password. That’s why she may be forced to put the passwords down or store them in a text file on her computer.

Even the most complete password policy cannot guarantee 100% security. The passwords might be intercepted by the most sophisticated hacker attack. But it is more likely that people could accidentally or deliberately share their paswords with their co-workers, their family and so forth. In fact, there is no such thing as the best password policy.

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