Evidence discovery resources

Denise Diaz posted a list of most popular resources dedicated to electronic evidence discovery.

Electronic discovery is a corporate counsel’s worst nightmare. In simpler times, (what, two or three years ago?), you had to worry about paper, intranets, laptop and desktop computers, PDA’s, and servers. Today, you also have to worry about the blogs, the wiki’s, the podcasts, and all of those other cool things the Web 2.0 companies keep throwing at tech-hungry business executives.
The demands of electronic discovery impose on you the burden of knowing more about IT than ever before…

Apart from the resources mentioned in Denise Diaz’s article, I would also like to note the Sensei electronic evidence case search tool and the Preston Gates Electronic Discovery Case Database (also mentioned in the Dennis Kennedy Blog).

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FindProtected is a security program that allows you to search your network for password protected and evidential files. With FindProtected, electronic evidence discovery is way much easier.

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