Five Myths of Identity Theft

Here are 5 most common myths of Identity Theft:

Myth #1: Identity Theft is on the rise. In reality, the number of people in the US victimized by identity theft has dropped from 11-million in 2003 to 9-million in 2005.

Myth #2: Identity Thieves target the elderly. People in their 20’s are most likely to be victims…. even most college students now know someone who’s been hit by an identity thief. “People in their 20’s often have perfect credit, and as a group can be the most careless with their information”.

Myth #3: Identity Thieves get your information from your trash. Actually, one of the fastest growing forms of identity theft “comes from shoulder surfers”.

Myth #4: Identity thieves steal personal information from the internet. “Truth of the matter is, that the internet is helping us. It’s helping us catch these people faster.”

Myth #5 Our information is most likely to be stolen by a stranger. 51% of identity thefts are committed by someone familiar to the victim….26% from a relative.

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