Google Apps and Risk Management

According to the recent article by Dan Morrill, “Google Desktop Applications, or Google Apps is a risky decision to be making, small company or big company it does not matter”.

Information Security - Google has a lot of money to spend on information security, but Google also has a track record like every other software maker, of having code with bugs. If you use Google apps, you have to trust their code over the internet, and you have to trust them to patch their code in a timely manner.

Legal Discovery – so far the law has worked in this fashion, ISP or Company gets a discovery notice, the ISP or Company is not obligated to inform you, rather they usually make a copy of all the data and send it to the legal group requesting the information. Since all your data is hosted outside the company on a 3rd party server system, ownership is most likely not going to be efficiently defined until there is a series of lawsuits to determine who owns information on 3rd party service providers. Technically, it should already all belong to Google.

Control – usually when working with technology and 3rd party outsource, only “authorized” people are allowed to call for support. Control of the help desk, and the services that the help desk provides for lost information, e-mail support, password reset support, and other low level support functions are now being taken over by Google.

Other Legalities – Have you engaged legal counsel before signing up? This is a big one, what do the company lawyers say about the issue? Will they be involved in the decision, and will management listen to what legal counsel is saying, and what the legal liabilities are.

Federal/State Mandates – if you are covered under HIPAA, SOX, GLB, HB1386, or otherwise, how does using Google Apps help you gain compliance, or remain in compliance if you use their system? From the legal mandates and laws side, unless Google can provide a statement of compliance that will stand up in court, anyone who is under any federal or state law for information security compliance might want to think twice before using this service.

Think long and hard before using Google Apps, make sure there are legal protections and someone can not just randomly request data without talking to legal council first. Make sure that the bases are covered, and if you are in a regulated industry that you get a certificate of compliance from Google. Otherwise, there is a ton of free or low cost software out there that will allow you to do the same things, do them in an equal or like manner.

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