Higher-Ups Are Keeping an Eye on Workers

An article written by Alison Grant on companies monitoring employee activity was posted on newhousenews.com. It says,

Whether they know it or not, employees are rarely alone on the job.
Businesses are deploying a battery of high-tech gadgets to keep track of employees in office cubicles, factories and hospitals and on the road.
Nine out of 10 companies engage in workplace surveillance — above all, monitoring computer use — according to a 2005 survey.

Almost all aspects of employees’ activities are typically monitored by the company management. According to the latest survey, three-fourths of the companies monitored employees’ Web site visits, as part of their daily “routine”; just over half said they monitored phone calls; while more than 50% reported using video monitors.

Employers are forced to monitor workers’ activity in order to:

  • Fend off hostile work environment claims and wrongful-termination lawsuits
  • Catch cyberslackers dialing up travel sites or day-trading on company time.
  • Stem the pirating of software, theft of company property and spilling of corporate secrets.
  • Concern over litigation and the role electronic evidence plays in lawsuits and regulatory investigations are prime motivations for corporate surveillance.

    However, shades of Big Brother should give employers reason to approach monitoring cautiously, according to business ethicists studying the issue. In fact, there is a danger of breeding a suspicious and hostile workplace, increasing stress and damaging employee morale.

    The companies must have clear-cut policies and thorough employee notice that phones and computers could be bugged.

    Besides, as electronic communications multiply, it’s harder and harder to keep up with it all. At some point, the company management needs to employ a security specialist, as well as use specific software solutions to sift through these huge amounts of data.

    Alison Grant’s article also describes the common ways of “how the boss may look over your shoulder” to find out what you’re actually doing at work.

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