Identity theft epidemic

Jane Putnam, “Identity theft epidemic on the rise in the U.S.”: “Most people do not realize how easily criminals can obtain personal data without even having to break into a home, according to the United States Department of Justice Web site”.

Identity thieves stole nearly $100 million from financial institutions last year, or an average of $6,767 per victim, according to MY ID Fix, an identity theft prevention and victim center.

In April 2005, computer hackers installed a program that recorded keystrokes onto four computers in the Widtsoe Building computer lab. The program recorded information like credit card numbers, net IDs and passwords. It was discovered by a lab assistant and removed from the lab computers.

“Right now, the thing that is most troubling is the large number of data breaches,” said Paul Stephens, a policy analyst at Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in San Diego. “It is so troubling because even an individual who is extremely responsible and careful, there really is not a whole lot they can do to protect themselves. They have to give out certain information, like Social Security numbers and bank codes, to employers and credit card companies. You trust them [employers and financial institutions] to take care of your private information. When they betray that trust, your identity can be stolen.”

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