Information security requires high levels of “task interdependence”

According to the recent article at, “obtaining senior management support is one of the most critical issues influencing information security effectiveness in organizations today”.

According to an Auburn University study, “implementing information security programs requires exceptionally high levels of “task interdependence,” with respondents reporting that 62 percent of their daily tasks require the exchange of information or cooperation with others. This is a key finding in determining the correlation between top management support and effective information security programs, as previous studies have shown that organizational work high in “task interdependence” requires greater levels of executive support to be successful”.

“Senior management must act like a coach to promote teamwork in order to keep the business moving forward so it can achieve its security goals”, said Kenneth J. Knapp, Ph.D., professor of management at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

“The study results also suggest that information security effectiveness can best be achieved by focusing on four crucial areas: promoting strong user training programs, building a security-friendly culture, creating and updating security policies that are relevant to the mission, and adequately enforcing those policies”.

“Researchers developed a theory illustrating the relationships among the higher-ranked, managerial-oriented issues, showing the relationship between top management support and security effectiveness, which was strongly supported by the results of this phase of the survey, according to the 740 CISSPs who responded”. A copy of the report can befound here.

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