Is it possible to retain privacy?

In the information age, it seems alsmost impossible to assure your privacy. A person’s first and last name in combination with SSN, DL or financial accounts are a combination of data that is dangerous to lose track of. As IS202 Discussion Board says, combining and publishing certain types of information “make one not only identifiable in virtual space, but in reality.” With too much personal information available online, it is incredibly easy these days to track someone down. Even personal address and phone numbers are sensitive pieces of information – for both electronic identity and personal safety. Jeff Kalvass writes :

The battle between security policy and mechanism is never ending – essentially a game of cat and mouse …There seems to be plenty of security policies floating around, but their implementions are inconsistent, fuzzy, and in some places non-existent… The solutions to implement many exisiting security policies are out there, it’s just deploying these mechanisms properly that seems to be problematic. There also exist economic incentives to protect systems, which directly relate to who should be accountable for breaches of security.

Identity protection is a major problem and it should be seriously considered by IT specialists as well as businesses and government institutions.

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