IT Security Breaches Survey

The report released in April, sponsored by the UK Department of Trade & Industry, highlights the fact that most businesses are a long way from having a security aware culture. Although three quarters of UK businesses rate IT Security as a high priority, with protecting customer information becoming increasingly important, worryingly just 1 firm in 8 has IT security qualified staff to put procedures in place.

Identity theft and fraudulent attacks are ranked as having the most severe impact, with the average ‘worst incident’ ringing in at £12,000, up by £2,000 since 2004. The most obvious and valuable data obtainable from these attacks would be detailed customer information such as credit card and bank details, typically siphoned off by Keylogging software.

“One of the most malicious and real attacks a company faces is from spyware. This software is most likely to enter a company’s computer network through internet downloads and email attachments; simple logic dictates that a free reign as regards accessing the internet and email will significantly increase the chances of this form of attack.”

“Staff should be vetted during the recruitment process with full background checks administered. This should be followed up with an education session about their security responsibilities and regular reminders. The possession of USB drives should also be carefully monitored – they can go unnoticed and could ultimately be used to steal your intellectual property.”

According to IT Voices.

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