Measure and control IT security with Balanced Scorecard

Implementation of IT security metrics enables the organizational management to analyze the IT systems technical, operational, and management controls performance.

AKS-Labs has released a version 1.3 of Stategy2Act Balanced Scorecard software. Stategy2Act is a Windows program that supports a balanced score card conception, allows to connect strategy to action. The new version includes IT security metrics.

Strategy2Act is a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) support software. It is designed to help build a Balanced Scorecard. The new version 1.3 includes new metrics necessary to measure and control IT Security. New groups are “Risk Management”, “Contingency Planning”, “System Life Cycle”, “Personnel Security”, “Data Integrity”. The new scorecard allows to learn strong and weak points of organization IT security and suggest possible ways to solve security problems.

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