Most alarming help desk calls

SupportSoft Inc. analyzed about 2 million IT help desk calls from 20 large companies (average workforce: 75,000 employees). James Morehead, vice president of product management and marketing at the Redwood City, Calif.-based vendor, says the result is his company’s Headache Index of the most common problems end users thrust upon IT support operations.

Yes, password issues top the list, with 20% of all calls involving a variation on the phrase, “I forgot my password.” While you’ve no doubt already automated the response to that one, other problems probably lack automated fixes. Morehead thinks you should consider help desk automation for any problem that accounts for 3% or more of all calls. Take e-mail issues, which came in fifth on the Headache Index, chalking up an 11% share of help desk calls. Morehead points to Outlook’s OST (offline storage) file as one likely suspect. It’s regularly overstuffed, which can cause Outlook to sputter and fail.

And he says a lot of home PC users are contacting his company’s recently unveiled consumer help desk site,, to express frustration with Microsoft Corp.’s new Vista operating system. “We’re learning now to help IT later,” Morehead says. Of course, when you roll out Vista, you might want to keep a bottle of aspirin handy just in case.

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