Passwords cumbersome for small firms

Howard Schmidt, president and CEO of R&H Security Consulting LLC: “password management is a challenge for small firms”.

Hacking a small business doesn’t afford a hacker the same level of financial gain or infamy as a large target. However, “you can’t afford, as a small business, to take as many risks”.

Small businesses may need to rely more on automated security solutions than their larger counterparts, because they often don’t have enough personnel to manage security effectively.

As Dan Geer, vice-president and chief scientist at Verdasys, claimed, “it is better to implement what you have rather than be frozen by indecision… a good way to start is to keep a record of security procedures: Measure something, for heaven’s sake. Even if you don’t believe the number. There’s lots of things you can measure. I don’t think we can improve unless we can keep score.”

By keep tracking of the number of security incidents or the way patch management is handled between departments, a company can learn something about itself.

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