Preparing webinar video online

Recently I did a webinar where I was explaining my students all the details about business indicators, how to get them and how to manage them. The next step that I had in mind was to use the recording of the webinar, clear it up a little bit and upload to the YouTube or similar video sharing service.

I’d like to mention the name of the webinar platform that I used, but the point is that the webinar was in some format (a kind of flash packed in .exe file) and video sharing services like YouTube were not accepting it.

Some years ago I used video converter software by Movavi. The task of converting .exe packed video into some uploadable format seemed impossible for me, so I did a simple trick that I’d like to share here.

I’ve used Movavi’s screen recorder software and simply start recording. Then I started the .exe file and left my computer for an hour. In some time I had a copy of my recording in some video format. But the resulted recording still needed some modifications. Fortunately, there was a video editing software in Movavi’s pack. It was right what I needed to cut some unnecessary mouse moves from the beginning and from the end.

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