“Prison Break” movie lessons – how to destroy hard disk FAQ

If you watched a “Prison Break” movie then you might remember scene when hard disk was taken from the river and 60% of data was recovered. Let’s list some ideas about how to secure your hard disk:

1) Don’t give out (through away) a hard disk with valuable data;
2) The best way to destroy data is to drill your hard disk or break it completely;
3) If you don’t have a drill or you want to use something safer… then you should use file shredder;

File shredders
You will need two functions in file shredder – wiping free space and wiping files; Wiping free disk space is necessary to make previously deleted data irrecoverable, wiping files makes it impossible to recover files that you delete.

What is good file shredder? It’s secure, it don’t need you action, it wipes even temporary and cached files. In this case consider using background mode file shredder.

Finally, keep your files in secure place!

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