Regulatory impact on corporate security practices

According to the U.S. results of the 8th annual Global Information Security Survey, regulatory compliance, internal attacks, and the vulnerability of electronic communications – especially instant messaging and e-mail – are among the key factors reshaping data security systems.

According to the survey, there are indications that compliance requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, the U.S. Home Security Act and the U.S. Patriot Act have had notable impact on corporate security practices. Over half of the survey respondents report that government regulations have pressured their company to adopt a more structured approach to information security, while 60 percent view regulatory compliance as more of a governance issue than a technology problem.

Although only a third say achieving compliance is a main catalyst of security-related purchases, over half say it has made their company more cautious about their use of security hardware, applications and services.

A majority of U.S. companies spend below $500,000 on security expenses, with half anticipating increased spending in the next year, and only 3 percent expecting spending to decline. Performance and return on investment count the most when purchasing security products.

Although the spending on information security purposes is constantly on the rise, certain lapses remain that can result in serious financial losses for corporations or a violation of customer trust.

“Security professionals lack the ability to control every point of entry, but worse, they have too much faith in technology that claims to automate network defenses,” said Rusty Weston editor, InformationWeek Research.

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