Secure data wiping is a big deal

According to a recent research, many people are taking risks with data on hard drives and memory cards which they are selling via internet. Such sensitive information, as personal letters, passwords, resumes, spreadsheets, phone numbers and e-mail addresses were all found on storage hardware that could be easily bought at any auction site. The problems arose because sellers did not delete data from the hardware altogether.

Besides, it was rather easy to reconstruct almost everything that some users did online, and to grab cookies and login details for sites they visited.

In most cases, people used Windows “delete” function to erase the data. However, in PCs and other digital devices it simply applies a label that says these sections of storage can be over-written. That means, such data remains intact for a long time, especially on large drives.

Recovering such information is quite straight-forward for forensic firms and individuals.

It is extremely hard to completely destroy some pieces of information. That’s why the users are advised to employ specific secure file deletion solutions.

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