The Need to Manage Security Performance during Recession Times

The duty to manage security performance during recession times is imposed on managers and supervisors. This duty has the greatest importance during recession periods to maintain good performance.

Recession period is a difficult time for everyone, both for common people and for companies. In the latter case, a lot more people are affected by reason of threats to the employment of the people working for the company and by reason of a possible loss on the part of the ones managing it. This may also be a time when security may be at a low by reason of a low morale. Thus, there is a greater need to manage security performance during recession times in order to help the company cope.

But how exactly do the people who are in charge of the company manage the security department in the midst of a recession period? It is known that during a period of recession, funds are at an all-time low and it may be difficult to raise funds from other resources in order to maintain the management of the security department. This question, fortunately, has a very practical and simple answer.

There is no need to raise more funds for the management of the security department. In fact, funds have are virtually no use in the management. This is because of the existence of avenues of communication between those who are heading the company and those managing the various departments that make up the company, including the security department.

This avenue of communication has, as a feature, the function of requiring the managers of the security department to maintain constant communication with the company management in order to let the latter know the condition of company security at all times. Since there is a period of recession, there will be a need to enhance security. This enhancement may be demanded by the company management from the security department. Compliance will then be a duty on their part.

The problem will lie on the management counterparts of both sides. They must effectively perform their management duties at all times, especially during times of hardship and economic crisis. There is more reason to perform their duties in the latter case because the very survival of the company is at stake, with the same effect to the economic well being of its members. The management must always communicate with the security department, and with all other departments for that matter, while the security department must always report to the management for its updating. If the security department is experiencing any problems, they must report the same to the management. In the same way, the management must come up with new ideas to help the department function better. If the management has recommendations, it must be considered by the department. If the management has new policies, the department must comply with them for the good of the company.

The need to manage security performance during recession times cannot be discounted. It is of equal, if not more, importance that the company management must consider. They must not only dwell with the recovery of the company from financial and resource shortage, they must also consider the fact that the company will only stay afloat if all its departments are monitored and properly managed.

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