The Need to Use Security Metrics across Industries

Security threats and privacy breaches are rampant across the web. This is why businesses have to take on the implementation of security metrics.

The importance of security in any company is something that just cannot be overemphasized. This is precisely why companies are never missing out on their own security program, and they are very much willing to shell out as much as needed, in terms of budget, time, and effort. But with this security system or program implemented, many companies continue to neglect one aspect – which should actually regarded as more important by any company – and this pertains to security metrics. These are quantifiable figures that the company uses to gauge whether or not their security system is still reliable and up to par.

The most important thing to remember about metrics is that they should be quantifiable or measurable in nature. How else can the factors be measured if these are not quantifiable in the first place? This would defeat the whole purpose of setting up such a program. Thus, when drafting these metrics pertaining to the security system of a company, the business owners themselves should look for variables that are measurable.

If you have not really seen or grasped just how important the implementation of metrics is, then do not fret. You are actually just one of the many businessmen, even business owners, who do not really see just how vital these seemingly minute figures are. Some businessmen even forego the process of creating a metric system for its security program simply because creating one just consumes too much time. They only realize the importance of such implementation when some random hacker has managed to infiltrate its security program. This is the only time that they realize there was something wrong in their security program. Some loophole that some hacker managed to find and this paved the way towards security breach. And if only the people took the time to set up metrics to measure the efficiency of the security system, this loophole might have been discovered in time. The problem in itself might have not surfaced.

There are many things that can be done to improve a company’s performance when it comes to its security system. There are even government laws that promote the safeguarding of operations amongst businesses in both private and public sectors. Still, these laws do not give specifics on how these metrics should be developed, so businesses are left to do that on their own.

The metrics to be outlined here should be aligned with the continuity of operations, the strengthening of the company’s identity, the enhancing of situation response and awareness, as well as the proper handling of security configuration. It is also important to determine the areas that need updates, as well as the ones that will have to be changed so that there would be significant reductions in terms of risks and failures in the security system.

If you are really at a loss as to what security metrics to implement for your company, then you could join business forums and the like. On such forums, businessmen across industries would be sharing ideas and such about the metrics that they have implemented, as well those that worked and did not work for them. Do not make the raunchy move of just copying all of their metrics though. What works for them may not necessarily work for you.

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