Top Security Blunders

An interesting article could be found at, called Top Security Blunders.

This article once again illustrates the fact that “even the latest technology and good overall IT Security staff can be foiled by uninformed or careless users”.

According to the article, top security mistakes are:

  • Insecure passwords.
  • Sharing passwords between users.
  • Using the internal organization password on external web sites.
  • Failure to adequately perform backups
  • Storing vital information locally rather than centrally.
  • Open, unattended workstations.
  • Ignoring vendor updates and patches.
  • Not physically securing computer equipment.
  • Disabling or diminishing existing security controls.
  • Installing unapproved software.
  • Exposing more personal information than necessary.
  • Propagating virus and other hoaxes.
  • Opening unexpected e-mail attachments.
  • Failure to train users to recognize security incidents and how to respond to them.

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