Why Companies should Take Time to Check Security Performance

There are so many security threats all over the Internet today, and no business is safe from these. This is why there is a need to check security performance regularly.

There are so many security threats looming over the backs and shoulders of online businesses today. No matter what industry you belong to, as long as you use the Internet for your transactions, there will certainly be hackers and infiltrators just waiting for you to make one wrong move. That slight error could very well mean the make or break of your business. This is precisely why there is an imminent need to check security performance regularly, especially in the corporate setting. And to do this effectively, nothing less than security metrics should be used.

Just what are security metrics, and how are they related to the monitoring of security performance? To put it bluntly, security metrics are the quantifiable figures that determine whether or not the very security system you are using for your business is still efficient or up to par. There really is no point in continuing the use of a security program, or just about any facet that consists of the security program, if it is no longer efficient. With the proper metrics implemented, this can then be aptly determined as well.

Sadly, there are so many CEOs and business managers who do not really understand the importance of implementing these metrics. Well, it is not really that they do not understand the need; rather, they feel it is not really a worthy investment to make. This is because, after all, there is already an existing security system that has been primarily designed and intended to keep hackers from infiltrating the system. So, there really is no need to formulate yet another system to evaluate the very security system that was designed in the first place. Right? How we wish we could say with confidence.

One very important thing you should keep in mind about hackers is that you should never underestimate them. Their abilities and resourcefulness can be very extensive, so as long as there is a need to be that extensive. If, by chance, your business becomes the object of affection of a certain hacker, then that hacker will definitely be all over your security system. He will be looking for all the minor and major flaws that can be found in your system, just so he can make that successful breach. And once it is deemed that there is indeed a flaw or loophole, then it’s bye-bye to security for your business. This could have been easily avoided, had you just implemented security metrics to check on the current performance of your security system. If only you were not that stubborn in the first place.

So, how then should you create security metrics? You should start by examining your existing security system itself. No one knows it better than the people who developed it themselves. Check for security goals, if these are still being achieved by your security system. Any facet that is not aligned with security goals is a possible loophole already, so this should be dealt with accordingly.

Do not wait until your system has been breached before you contemplate on the need to check security performance. This is the for the business’s own good, after all. This definitely is a worthwhile investment in itself.

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