Write down your passwords

There’s been a lot of discussion around whether we should or should not put down our passwords. Although most security specialists agree that it is usually necessary to jot passwords down, some say it just cannot solve the problem. Nathan’s Daily Grind blog regards password security as “a MAJOR problem”.

We need some sort of federated, independent seciurity model that uses some form of two-factor authentication… The kicker is that we need a system that is (relatively) universally accepted and used, and not one organization (corporate or government) out there has the reputation to be trusted by all of us. Plus I don’t think we can get away with just one way of doing the two-factor authentication.

Each organization needs its own password policy, based on certain principles. It’s essential to create strong and reliable passwords, but it’s also important to track all the password protected files within a corporate network. To work out a comprehensive password policy, you need to identify and locate all confidential files first. You can find more information on this issue at Find Password Protected Files.

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