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With File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid.

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Minimum equipment requirements

  • Pentium 100 MHz;
  • 16 MB of RAM;
  • 5 MB of disk space;
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP;

If you have some question or looking for some special solution then there are several ways to contact us or co-operate with other usersContact information:

If you have some question or looking for some special solution then there are several ways to contact us or co-operate with other users:

  • You can fill feedback form to contact us with your question or suggestion. 

  • You can also ask a question in "Search utilities" On-line forum

  • If you have a question concerned features of File Search Assistant, then visit On-line manual and learn more from "Features Overview" and "Tips and Tricks" part of our manual.

Click Order FSA to  order full version of File Search Assistant without 30-day usage limitation and without functionality limitations.†Ordering information:

Click Order FSA to  order full version of Files Search Assistant without 30-day usage limitation and without functionality limitations. 

Note: we suggest different pricing for personal and business license as business license includes ability to use Advanced PDF Manager.








File Search Assistant is a file search utility designed to make document searching fast, easy and efficient.


Files Search Assistant:

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E-BOOK: Coming soon e-book: connecting to knowledgebase: ideas and solutions to keep files at your finger tips!   TOPICS:  - use powerful search abilities for your business and personal needs;   - Make file structure on your computer effective and simple;  - Search text with ease in .doc, .xls, .pdf;  - Compare 12 text search tools and choose one you really need


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