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Files Search Assistant - Interview:


Hello, dear user of FSA. This is an interview form. Our primary goal is to develop solutions that our users need and improve existent one. 


Share your ideas and thoughts about FSA. Your answers can help us much more than reports and suggestions of company's consultants.


Note: all the information you pass to us is for internal usage only. We will not post it to our web-site without your permission.


Please, fill the following form. 

Note: any field is optional and you can skip it, if you don't want to answer.


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What is your role within your organization?

Can you tell us how you use (or going to use) Files Search Assistant? How has FSA made your job any easier, faster or more efficient?


What applications do you plan for FSA in the future?


If you need some more solutions based on FSA that can help to run your business more effective?







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