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Find and remove duplicates from list with freeware tool

Find and remove duplicates from the list of items with freeware tool by AKS-Labs. The tool allows to check the list of items, find duplicates you have and remove them. Also, the program will show the statistics for duplicates in the list. Use this software if you have a list of data, for instance, a column from Excel that you wish to check for duplicates, remove unnecessary duplicates and use a list of unique items.

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Possible application

  • Remove duplicated data from data listCheck, if some list have duplicates, if have you can easily remove them
  • Find and remove duplicate items from columns and rows in Excel
  • Create a unique items list from any other list of data
  • Compare two lists to find duplicates
  • Remove duplicates rows from the table
  • Remove blank lines from the list

How to use this tool

  1. Paste items into the first list;
  2. Press "Move Duplicated >>" button
  3. Have a result (the list of duplicates) in the second list
  4. View statistic in the third list

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