Overview - File to search, options

Advanced PDF Manager is an efficient text search tool.


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Search in:

Contains folders to search in.

Network search - if you want to search over network then select "Select custom" and select your network drive(s) there;

Custom Search - folders from custom search are listed below "Select custom..." line;


Put here (or select) keyword you want to search for;



Put here (or select) file mask to search;


Regular expressions

This option allows to use regular expressions for search query.

Check "Use regular expressions" and Advanced PDF Manager will be able to analyze your search term in following way:

1) +keyword1 +keyword2 +keyword3 - means searching for keyword1 or/and keyword2 or/and keyword3

2) +keyword1 -keyword2 - means searching for documents that contain keyword1 and don't contain keyword2

3) +keyword1 +"keyword2 and keyword3" - means searching for keyword1 and/or whole phase - 'keyword2 and keyword3'

Read more about regular expressions and relevancy


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