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Advanced PDF Manager is an efficient text search tool.


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File menuFile menu

New Search - clear all the current settings and put in all field default values.

Load search conditions - load search conditions from file

Save search conditions - save current search conditions to file (file mask, directories to search in and other).

Exit - close QuickSearcher.

View menu


Standard, Compact, Minimal - view modes of FSA. "Standard" is fully functional, "Compact" exclude panel of settings, "Minimal" exclude panel of settings and replace panel.View menu


Big Icons - make file list to display items as big icons.


Small Icons - make file list to display items as small icons.


List - make file list to display items as a list.


Report - make file list to display items as a table with several columns - most informative view style.

Edit menu

Edit menuCustom Search - Change Custom Search Options 

Search Masks - Change default Search Masks 

Search results menu

Search results menuOpen list - open previously saved search results.

Save List - save the list of results to the text file.

Copy file(s) - copy files from search results

Move file(s) - move files from search result

Remove from list - remove selected item from search results.

Select All - select all items (files and folders) in search results.

Generate Search report - generate search report

Help menuHelp menu

Help - open help file

Buy now - open registration page

Feedback - send feedback e-mail to AKS-Labs

About - open About menu


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