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Visual knowledge representation - methods review. Visual knowledge representation helps gather, retain and communicate large amounts of information more easily. It is an effective way to handle complex information.  

Object-oriented mind mapping. If you ever asked for simplicity of mind mapping and for mind map topics with some properties that are right for your business needs, then Mind Pad is a great tool to start with.  


Balanced Scorecard as a Life Strategy. A lot of companies succeeded owing to this strategy, but now the subject is a bit different: "If you could use “Balanced Scorecard” in your own life?". We consider how one could apply balanced scorecard principles to personal strategy. 

Mind Pad - easy mind map software. AKS-Labs has released v 1.0 of a Mind Pad. Mind Pad is a .NET software for Windows. Mind Pad allows to create mind maps basing not just on creating and linking text blocks. Mind Pad allows organize in mind maps objects with any properties set. With Mind Pad scripting you are able to create your own rules for data management and representation.  

  • Contact map. Change the way you manage your contacts. Replace your old contact list with a new contact map. Visualize all your contacts and relation between them.

  • Mind Pad Newsletter - issue 2. If you ever asked for simplicity of mind mapping and for mind map topics with some properties that are right for your business needs, then Mind Pad is a great tool to start with. If your contact list is full of records then you probably already thought about some kind of categorization or sorting. We applied a powerful object-oriented mind mapping conception to this problem.

Outlook Task Management. Manage tasks in your Outlook Task folder. With our Outlook Task program you can create the set of tasks you need. You can list tasks related to some project, category, person, due date or even to a keyword.

Print task list. Sometimes you need to print out the list of tasks from your Outlook Task folder. It's necessary to have compact and detailed report about your to-do list for today or some project. With Outlook Task program it's easy to manage task printing job.

PDF Manager is a set of PDF management tools that includesPDF Manager is a set of PDF management tools that includes: 

Compare PDF - this utility allows to company Adobe Acrobat PDFs and compare folders with PDF files; Compare PDF files with PDF Manager.

PDF Search - this utility allows to search for PDF files on local hard disks and across the network. Search text in pdf files with PDF Manager.

PDF Index - this tool allows to create an index of PDF files and search in it. Index PDF files with PDF Manager.

PDF2TXT - converts Adobe Acrobat PDF to plain text files; Batch converting and command line interface supported. Convert PDF to text with PDF Manager.


  • Some ideas about making security audit. Find Protected Newsletter. Issue 7. People must feel that company trust them and on the other hand company must sometime control if all employees understand in what way security information must be kept and used. Read more...

Police investigative software

Find Protected is an utility that allows police officer to find password protected files and secure storages on local hard disks and across the network. Find Protected is a good police investigative software that helps police officers doing their job when researching suspected computer.

Wipe hard disk and wipe files to stay secure


Today millions are working in offices on million computers. Now it’s no wonder, as a few years ago, having PC at home. You can play the games, read articles, listen to the music, browse Internet pages. And all of these are only files. Learn how to stay secure:


Top file security aspects 

You may find a lot of information about computer security. In this issue you will find top file security issues, we discuss why you should wipe files, wipe free disk space. We explains how to stay secure in Internet, i.e. how to clear cookies, history and cache files.

Top file security issues:

Find password protected files The rest of article considers problems of search of encrypted or password protected files, note that more complicated situations are also taken into consideration, when existence of the encrypted file is still a question, or when a password has been lost.

Security Policy for Password Protected Files. You company already has some Security Policy. We do suggest to add a Password Protected Information Security Policies as an appendix to your general document - "Company IT Security Policies".


Compare Suite - documents comparison solutions

Files Search Assistant - document searching solutions

Advanced PDF Manager - PDF document management solutions


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