Editions Comparison Chart

  • These editions are not officially released yet. So you have a chance to buy File Search Assistant at lower price now and update to the PRO version later for free.

There are 3 editions of File Search Assistant: Freeware, Standard, Professional

FeatureFreeware EditionStandard EditionProfessional Edition
Basic file searchXXX
Filters by file dateXXX
Filters by file sizeXXX
Preview paneXXX
Multy-folder searchXXX
Search over local diskXXX
Search over local networkXXX
Search in index filesXXX
Disk space usage analysisXXX
Search similar filesXX
Encoding selectionXXX
OpenOffice convertorXX
Adobe PDF convertorXX
MS Word convertorXX
RTF convertorXX
Pictures convertorXX
Multimedia convertorXX
Customize searchXX
Regular expressionsXX
Search inside archivesXX
Print folder structureXX
Find duplicate filesXX
Search search inside URLs in filesX
Search in files with passwordX
MS Excel convertorX
MS PowerPoint convertorX
HTML convertorX
Files indexingX
Search results reportX
Special characters in search queryX
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