File Search Assistant – Version History

Below is the version history for the File Search Assistant.

  • If for some reason you need to download older versions of File Search Assistant, check the version archive here. Please note: we support only the latest version.
  • Please note: some features are available in PRO edition only. Check editions comparison chart for more details.

Version 4.3 – release date 30 January, 2015

  • Minor problems fixed;
  • Better compatibility with the latest OS;

Version 4.2 – release date 7 May, 2012

  • More flexibility when you work with a “search in” list – ability to move folders, add typical include/exclude folders;
  • Ability to drag and drop file on program’s form to search inside file or inside its directory;
  • Ability to search for text in URLs only inside files;
  • Ability to pause search process;

Version 4.1 – release date 26 of December, 2011

Version 4.0 – release date 5th of August, 2011

  • Search for duplicated files;
  • Disk space usage analysis;
  • Folder content report;
  • FSA divided into PRO and Standard versions;

Version 3.2

  • Support of OpenOffice;
  • Support of Rich Text Format (RTF);
  • Support of UNICODE texts and encodings;

Version 3.1

  • Support of search inside password protected files;
  • File indexing;
  • Find missing files wizard;

Version 2.0

  • Support of PDF files;
  • Support of Word files;
  • Support of Excel files;
  • Support of PowerPoint presentations;

Version 1.3

  • Save/open search sessions;
  • Preview of results;
  • Basic file search;
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