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With that incredible growth of the information volumes it is becoming increasingly difficult to find missing files and documents stored in your computer.  Morton computers are equipped with huge hard drives, and users who don’t like to sort out information and files usually faced the problem of missing them.  It is not easy to find a missing file, even if you use traditional methods of looking for lost files.  Operation system has search option, and you can look for files by yourself.  But both methods lack efficiency.  Besides, if you are short of time or possess too little information on the missing documents you are likely to spend hours searching for the files, and all in vain.

If you do not want to waste time you need reliable file search software.  As an ordinary user you probably expect to operate as simple program that will perform a fast and efficient search.  Well, you have found such a program.  File Search Assistant from AKS-LABS is a simple and effective file search utility capable of looking for files with minimum information about them.

Use reliable file search software

Use reliable file search software

Let’s review basic features of File Search Assistant to vividly demonstrate efficiency and simplicity of this software.

  1. File Search Assistant can look for key words both in the files names and inside the files.  Thus, if you are looking for HTML page and the only thing you remember is to words from this page File Search Assistant will convert HTML page into plain text file and look for key words there.
  2. It is possible to narrow your search by setting the file extension (mask).  So, if you are interested only in the MS Word documents or pdf files then custom surge is exactly what you need.
  3. If you possess information on the size and date of the missing files this can greatly help you narrow search and make a faster and more efficient.  If you know for sure that the missing file is not larger than 3MB, use search by size option and set relevant values there.  If you are aware of the approximate date of file creation set the exact date or time span.
  4. File Search Assistant can look for missing files in different locations which you can set.
  5. Quoting option is one of the greatest advantages of File Search Assistant as you can preview search results (look inside the files) without opening files themselves.
File search software helps you find missing files and documents

File search software helps you find missing files and documents

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