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Provide advanced file search with custom search groups

With File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid.

Often you may need to search for something in files located in different folder, often on different drives. You may search all folders separately, but it’s not very convenient and rational way. 

The FSA allows you to create the folder groups, that is to combine some folders into groups and search already there. 




For example, you store applicants’ resumes on c:\resumes, d:\download\applic\resumes, \\workgroup\david\resumes.

As you see, all the folders are located on different drives and even in the network, so it would be not easy to search for what you need with the help of common Windows Searcher. 


So, you just create a group, mark all the required folders, file types and if you want, you may change the group logo. 


Selecting "Applicants' Resumes" search group allow to prepare FSA for search.Selecting "Applicants' Resumes" search group allow to prepare FSA for search.


FSA already knows what file type to search.

FSA already knows what file type to search.


FSA already knows where to search for files.

FSA already knows where to search for files.


Group are useful also with their ability to sort the data

Click to run FSA flash demo. You will learn what is custom search, preview pane, search report. That is, if you have several projects, for example, “Resumes”, “Demands”, “Offers”, you may create 3 different groups and work with them separately. That is, to economize your time, the documents would be searched in the relying folders only.  

Creating groups is quite simple

Just click Edit -> Custom search, and the dialog window opens. 

There you should mark where to search, that is in which folders, filetypes, which should be taken into consideration while search process, and the group logo icon. 

Using logo in group

If you have many search groups, it’s useful to apply different logos for different kinds of groups. One logo for resumes, for example, another – for work documents. The logo is usually a common icon file, but you should choose it so that the image best reflects the main idea and destination of the group, it’s just for your convenience.

Benefits of usage

Using search groups allows you to easily find the required data because of the groups’ simple modifying and search criterions setting. It makes your job more productive and valuable and really eases some common operations. And in most cases theirs application provides rather good results.

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