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Regular expressions

While searching for some information in Internet you may use search machines, for example, Google, for it’s really fast and reliable service. Now you have a google's powerful for local hard disk. You will find some useful tips below. With File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid.

To wind something with it’s help, you should type some expression relying to your subject in the text field. And the machine will search it. While search process it uses some rules, and knowing them will often help you.

Words order

So, the first rule is the words order. For example, you search for <business meeting>. The machine would find <business meeting>, <meeting business>, <business .....any words here.... meeting>, <meeting ....any words here.... business>. 

Using ""

It is not very convenient, because too many search results will appear. You may use some special operators, in this case it will look like <“business meeting”>. If you begin your expression with “ and end with ”, the search machine will search exactly for the expression.

Using "-"

Many words have several meanings. For example, the word “bass”. It may mean music sound and fishing tool. And if you want to find the word, relying to music, type [bass –fishing]. Being marked with “-“, all pages, containing the word “fishing” would be excluded from the search results.

If you are using some separate characters in your documents, and you need to find some document by expression like <daily report 1>, you should again use specific operators. 

The search machines usually ignore single digits and letters for their presence in the request expression slows down the search process. You should request like <daily report +1>. If the digit is marked by “+”, it would be also taken into consideration while searching.

Don't use...

Don’t use words like “how”, “where”, “who” and so on... It will really increase the search time and give poorer results because of it.

Sorting search results

When you get the search  results, they will be sorted by the keywords presence. It means that document, containing more words you have given as keywords, will be shown first, and later – documents, containing less keywords and so on...

That is, if you give more exact request, you’ll get more required documents.

Click to run FSA flash demo. You will learn what is custom search, preview pane, search report.

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