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PowerPoint file search - search text in PowerPoint (ppt) files

Download File Search Assistant, a search utility with ability to create fixed and portable search-able index file.

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Starting version 3.1 File Search Assistant is able to find, index and search text in PowerPoint presentation files

Maintains of your presentation database is much easier with new File Search Assistant

PowerPoint software is easy to use and developed to provide any user with a professional presentation search tool at a minimal cost.

The primary users of presentation software are HR and businessmans, teachers, and trainers. It's doesn't depend on who you are and what is your profession. Presentations are used in any job processes.

The more you make ppt files with PowerPoint the harder you can quickly find required presentation. You should search through all the bunch of necessary and unnecessary files to find it.

File Search Assistent converter allows to search and indexd ppt files

File Search Assistant converter allows to search and index ppt files. File Search Assistant can help you handle presentation search issue.

  • Searching information in presentation files (ppt and pptx files) is as easy as searching in standard text files.

Now you can just check "presentation file (ppt or pptx)" in "Text filters" tag in the File Search Assistant and you'll be able to search in these files or create an index of all presentation databases to be able to search required ppt files if any time.

Results of search in presentation files

Results of search in presentation files.

Absolutely all the operations with presentations files (finding ppt files, searching in presentations, and indexing your entire presentation database) is the same as operations in File Search Assistant with other formats of the files.

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You can get File Search Assistant right now. It's a file search tool that allows to search for popular file types on local hard disk and across a network.

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