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Have some files in zip archive? Good idea! But these files must be search-able, use File Search Assistant to search files within archive files.

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Often files are stored in archives, and the most popular format of archiving is zip. It's widely applied cause of good compression and the possibility to view the zip archives like common folders.

Why cannot use Windows search in zip files

And sometimes ones need to find some data in the zip files, and it's really impossible to do within common Windows utilities, for the Windows Searcher usually ignores all archives and finds only filenames according to the request.

Sure, it's possible to search manually, but what for, if the process may be eased? 

Using Files Search Assistant to search ZIP archives


You may use the File Search Utility (FSA), it would allow you to search in the archives, and if thy contain sub-archives, to search also there. 

Win XP search in zip files

By default, Windows XP treats ZIP files like folders. If you're not familiar with ZIP files, this can be convenient. However, if you've already got a utility in place to manage your ZIP files, this new feature can just get in the way. For example, Windows will search inside ZIP files when using Search - For Files or Folders, a process that not only causes searches to take longer, but one that may cause incomplete information to be displayed in the Folder column of the search results.

Searching in archives takes some more time for the utility needs to browse the zip-files, containing several files inside. And if you need some data to be found rapidly, you may uncheck the field "Search in zip-files", and the search would fasten.

FSA's as zip search tool features and benefits

  • After files are found, the FSA generates easy-to-read report, where the criterions and path to all files are listed. It allows you to easily access to found files - simply click on the link, and you get it! 
  • Plus you may create a list of folders, where the required information is probably stored, and the FSA will search only there, it will also reduce the searching time.

Why choose FSA to search zip files?

Sometimes it's really important to find some data, which is not in use already, and is zipped. FSA gives this possibility, and using it you may realize the motto - time is money.

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