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Why people don't trust freeware or dos file search tools?

This is a fact that most business prefer to purchase a commercial software with a technical support available. But there are some other reasons why people don't use freeware.

More functions to search for files

First, and probably the most important reason. Freeware products don't have as many functions as commercial do. For instance, in File Search Assistant besides the support of popular file formats, you have a wide range of functions that helps to customize your software. This will save your time in future in this way.

Why not DOS files tools?

It's really simple, dos file search tools cannot search efficiently within files over hard disk, as dos tools don't support long file names. So if you will need to find with dos search program file with name something like "This is my document" then, dos program will not find it!

Searching for files - it's about trusting brand

The second reason is about the trust. I've found a nice posting in respected brand-related forum: Here is a short citation: 

"Its not only spam that is diluting the image of big brands. Itís also ad-ware, spy-ware etc. One example is Google. Google as we know is a brand which is hinged on the image of speed, efficiency and lack of sponsor advertising. However, a new program called Google Desktop Search may cause suspicion. This software is alluring in its ability to conduct considerably faster searches than the standard Microsoft Windows file search. Yet it poses a major security risk. Do users want Google to have access to all their pictures, all their word document etc.?".

And another citation from the same post: 

"More worrying is the fact that Google promotes this software [Google Desktop Search] as an add-on to certain shareware/freeware programs." 

Some other facts about files search engine

Find article "Privacy concerns over Google Desktop 3" by Ingrid Marson, at ZD-NET UK: "A feature allowing users to search files across multiple computers 'greatly increases the risk to consumer privacy', according to the EFF". Allowing any tool to access a multiple computers may have a customer privacy effect. 

Conclusions about file search utilities

When our users ask why should they use File Search Assistant, instead of freeware tool, we often give them a link to this post at It's probably not dangerous to use some freeware tool, but you should consult with your security admin before doing so.

Get File Search Assistant

You can get File Search Assistant right now. It's a file search tool that allows to search for popular file types on local hard disk and across a network.


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