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This is a sample company, where four man run their business. It can be medicine, finances, software development or litigation support - Files Search Assistant can be applied to any business that involve document management and make it time-effective.


Learn this chart and apply File Search Assistant to your own business to run it more time and cost-efficiently.

Robert, needs information which can help him to increase the efficiency of business. Robert sends "request" to Bill, who is a leader of workgroup.


Robert, Chief executive.

"Mary, please, search within our data files for information concerned our competitors - I need any reviews, articles, rating or so on.


Bill, leader of workgroup.

Mary use custom search to specify location of data group she need to search in. 

Mary and Peter will search for "request" in specific data groups.

Mary, Bill's assistant.

Peter, product manager.

Usage scheme and benefits of File Search Assistant:


- Robert's usage and benefits

- Bill's usage and benefits

- Mary's usage and benefits 


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File Search Assistant provides quick and efficient search within text documents.

With File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid.

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Why buy File Search Assistant.

The only reason to buy this software is time saving. It means that you can work more efficiently, to be more creative and to convert your data into knowledge, which you can use to get profit.  

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