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Mary's usage and benefits of File Search Assistant.


Mary use custom search to specify location of data group she need to search in. 

Mary, Bill's assistant.



Mary, got Bill's request. 

She has to search for information concerned competitors in reviews, articles, rating files.





Mary will use:

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Bill, gets search reports from Mary. He analyzes found data and reports. He summarizes data and sends report to Robert.



Fast and easy search with report function.



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Mary use Custom Search:


Why to use?

Files concerned product reviews, articles and ratings located in different folders. 

Articles and Ratings are on C drive in folder C:\Company Data\Articles and reviews are in Intranet with network path \\local-network\ratings


Mary selects "Articles & Ratings" search group in "search in" list. How to use?

Mary selects "Articles & Ratings" search group in "search in" list. 


How does it work?

Selecting new search group change current "Search in..." Now, Instead of searching in all data files Mary will search only in article and rating folders.settings of FSA. Selecting "Articles & Ratings" you tell FSA to search in specific directories, for files with some extension, for example .pdf or .doc;


Mary's benefits

Now, Instead of searching in all data files Mary will search only in article and rating folders.

Using of custom search groups allow rapidly specify folders to search in. 

It increases the speed and efficiency of search.


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Mary use Preview:


Why to use?

Mary analyzes gotten results. She use preview to analyze if this file is necessary for here report. Preview option show a piece of file - enough to understand the idea and highlights found keyword. So Mary can easy decide whether she need this search result.


With preview pane she can easy decide if this file is necessary for her report.How to use?

Mary click on one of the found files. Preview shows the small piece of file text then Mary can easy decide if this file is necessary for her report.

If she don't need some of files then she remove it from results list by selecting "Remove from list" command from "Search Results" menu.

Mary can use "Search In Results" or "Add To Search Results" options to make search more precisely.

Mary's benefits

Mary saves hours for opening found files and deciding if this file is necessary for her report.


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Mary use Search Report:


Why to use?

Mary analyzed found files and now she has to write a report to Bill.


How to use?

Mary generates search report by clicking "Generate Report" button. And she also can make a copy of found data. (read more about report) and makes a copy of found data (read about coping or moving results).


Mary's benefits

Mary can add FSA's report to her report or use it as a basic. She also can browse within search results in a handy manner. Mary can e-mail results of search to Bill directly (as a report or zipped data).


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File Search Assistant provides quick and efficient search within text documents.

With File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid.

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Why buy File Search Assistant.

The only reason to buy this software is time saving. It means that you can work more efficiently, to be more creative and to convert your data into knowledge, which you can use to get profit.  

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