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AKS-Labs an author of WatchOverEnergy software signed a partnership with Energy StarWatchOverEnergy

Energy tracking and saving software

AKS-Labs has launched version 1.1 of WatchOverEnergy, an energy tracking and management software for Windows 9x, 2000, XP, NT. This is a freeware product that will manage stand-by mode, and track your energy savings when your computer monitor is in stand-by mode.

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WatchOverEnergy calculates the power consumbed by your monitor in both active and stand-by modesWatchOverEnergy program can activate stand-by mode for your monitor when you are not using the PC and when no important programs are running. Track energy saving in both watt-hours and dollars.

Many users want to reduce their energy use and costs, but standard stand-by functions are often too annoying. For instance, a computer monitor can go to stand-by mode when the user is watching a movie or reading a long article. 

Save energy, but not when you are working It is easy to fine-tune WatchOverEnergy program, telling it not to activate monitor stand-by mode when you are running specific programs or some particular files are opened. Moreover, before turning the monitor off, WatchOverEnergy will run a 60 seconds screensaver that will warn you about stand-by mode.

Show saved energy in Watt and US dollarsAnother important feature is that WatchOverEnergy software shows your energy saving details. It will track energy saving in watt-hours and will calculate your energy saving in dollars.

With WatchOverEnergy, you can reduce your monitor's energy costs by at least 20%. Make energy savings a daily part of your life and don't let energy savings meddle with your work.

WatchOverEnergy is a user-friendly energy saving program that runs only when you are not using your PC. 

Energy saving tips

Save $25 to $75 Per Desktop PC Annually Through Power Management:
  • Monitor power management (MPM) can save $10 to $30 per monitor annually.
  • Computer power management (CPM) can save $15 to $45 per desktop computer annually.
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Here's a simple checklist of actions you can take to reduce your energy use at home. Some of these tips were compiled by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, and by Rocky Mountain Institute.
  • Turn off your computer if you will be away from it for more than an hour, set it to sleep or stand by when you have not touched if for a few minutes.
  • Collect your utility bills. Separate electricity and fuel bills. Target the biggest bill for energy conservation remedies.
  • Always turn off lights when you leave a room, think about how many lights you really need on when you are in the room.
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