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Top file security aspects

You may find a lot of information about computer security. In this issue you will find top file security issues, we discuss why you should wipe files, wipe free disk space. We explains how to stay secure in Internet, i.e. how to clear cookies, history and cache files.

Top file security issues. Keep your sensitive files secure with QuickWiper

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Top file security issues:

Computer file security

Wipe file

When you delete some sensitive file in Windows it still possible to recover deleted file. It's necessary not to delete but wipe sensitive file. Wiped file cannot be recovered and no one will be able to read it's contents after deletion. Read more: Wipe sensitive files

Wipe free disk space

As deletion is not secure enough, anyone can recover almost any file you ever deleted. When wiping file you cannot guaranty you can wipe all temporary data or previously deleted files. To ensure your files are deleted totally you should wipe the free space of your hard disk regularly. Read more: Wipe free disk space.

Remove Internet steps

Important aspect of file security is staying secure in Internet and securing internet files. You should ensure that your Internet Explorer cache, temporary files and history files are deleted. Make sure there are no Internet cookies left on your computer. Read more: Remove internet steps.

More about QuickWiper

QuickWiper is a good, reliable and easy to use file security tool. It covers most important security issues - wiping free disk space, wiping sensitive file and clearing Internet steps.

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